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Workout Of the Day

  • 141031 ~ Happy Halloween!!

    Congratulations to Team Canuck: Zach, Ade, Megan, and Jeff who took both throwdown WODs last night at CrossFit Leviathian!  Special thanks to everyone who came out to show their support....I think the number of spectators was 50/50....and it wasn't our home box!!!  Way to show the Canuck spirit!! One more Canuck event this weekend!  The Platform Assassins will be competing tomorrow (November 1st) @ the Fall Classic held at Variety Village.  Come on out and watch our boys hit ...

  • 141030 ~ Throwdown Showdown Tonight @ CrossFit Leviathian

    Tonight's the night!! Team Canuck vs. Team Leviathian!!!

  • 141029 ~ 5-4-3-2-1!

    Wendler Week 5 Day 2 Strength: Deadlift Every 2 min x 4 min **All % are based off of your Training Max (90% of 1RM) + 10-15lbs. 3 x 70% 3 x 80% 3+ x 90% **Good Form** then... Every 90s x 6 min 5 Shoulder Press @ 75% of Training Max + 5-10lbs then...

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