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Workout Of the Day

  • 160827 ~ Odd Object Day!

    Odd Object Accessory Work: 30s Work: 30s Rest x 12 min a. 30s ME 30m Sled Push (90/45#) - Dock to Dock b. 30m Sled Drag (90/45#) - Dock #2 to Curb (Progress) c.

  • 150826 ~ Happy Birthday Jeffrey!!

    Did you see that flash on the lifting platforms? Don't blink or you'll miss his lift! Happy Birthday to one of our Canuck OG's Jeff Ortiz!!

  • 150825 ~ Century Club

     "Century Club" **Compare to 131013** 10 min Cap 100 Pullups in 8 attempts or less. **Every time you drop from the bar, 30 DU buy in** ME MU or Banded MU Progressions with the remaining time. Rest 5 min then....

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