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Workout Of the Day

  • 140419 ~ Happy Birthday (1 Day early) Coach Zach!!

    Can you believe that our very mature.....way beyond his years Coach Zach is only turning 22???  Wow! Has he cooked up a doozie of a WOD that will help you burn off any and all of your Easter family feasts!! Happy Birthday Zach!!

  • 140418 ~ 8RM Backsquat

    Strength: Backsquat: 12min to find a 8RM Then.. Every 90s x 6 min (5 sets) Bench Press 8 @ 67.5%  Conditioning: With a 10 minute running clock 15-12-9 Power Snatch, (135/95#) Ring Dip in the remaining time, AMRAP of: Burpee Box Jumps (24/20ā€) 2 Scores: (1) Time for the 15-12-9 (2) Total number of Burpee Box jumps  Cash Out: 1.       Accumulate 90s in an ā€œLā€ sit hold.  Use paralletts if possible 2.       5 Rounds: 10 Hollo...

  • 140417 ~ C&J and Snatch

    Skill: a.       10 min to complete 5 x 2 Pause Snatch (3s count at the knee) Work Up to a heavy double for the day Then.. b.      10 min to complete 5 x 2+1 Pause Clean (3 count pause @ knee) + Jerk Progressively increasing weight This should be performed as a pause clean, then another pause clean, then the jerk  Conditioning: AMRAP 10 min 30 KBS (50/35#) 20 KB Snatch (10 Each Arm) 10 T2B  Cash Out: 3 x 400m Sprint Work:Rest 1:1

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