About CrossFit Canuck

Are you tired of your current routine, or are looking to start one with some direction? We provide the plan and the coaching so you can just work hard and reach your goals. CrossFit Canuck doesn't just cater to the seasoned "CrossFitter," we have a wide variety of program offerings including: On-Ramp Program, CrossFit Classes, CanuckLite (Cardio) Classes, CrossFit Kids Classes, Weightlifting, Corporate Groups, Sports Team Training, Personal Training, exercise-based physiotherapy as well as an in-house RMT, which is open to the general public for appointments.

At CrossFit Canuck, what matters is not where you finish, but that you finish! CrossFit Canuck is built on great coaching, programming, and an amazing community. This is what sets us apart. We believe in and support our Members in achieving their goals, and we will help you get there. Our community is built on inspiring each other to be better every day in life, both inside the box and out. Are you ready to experience the CrossFit Canuck difference?

  • 180220 ~ Open Week!!

    It's CrossFit Christmas!!  Open WOD 18.1 will be dropping this Thursday evening. the class programming during the Open will be slightly modified to help you crush the WOD on Friday!The Suggested training cycle througout the Open will be as follows:Monday – Training DayTuesday – Training DayWednesday – Active Recovery Rest DayThursday – Training & FlushFriday – Open Workout + Post WOD Flush**If you are usually a little slow and sluggish after a rest day,...

  • 180219 ~ Happy Family Day!!!

    Happy Family Day!!! Come on in to complete a special team WOD with your Canuck Family!!Conditioning:"Family Fun"In Teams of 3: 90 Wall Balls (20/14#)60 Hang Power Clean (135/95#)90 KBS (50/35#)60 Front squats (135/95#)90 Pullups60 S2O (135/95#)90 Push Ups60 Hang Squat Clean (135/95#) Partner A and partner B complete movements working one at a time while partner C completes a 15/12 calorie row. When partner C finishes they switch out a teammate who must then complete another 1...

  • 180216 ~ Saturday Ladderday!

    Strength:Makeup Saturday!!See Whiteboard for details.Conditioning:Satur-LadderAMRAP 123 OHS (135/95#)3 KBS (50/35#)6 OHS6 KBSEtc…Cash Out:Mobilize!! It's been a tough week!

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