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Workout Of the Day

  • 151009 ~ What...A Max Out???

    It's been a while...and it's time to do a surprise retest! Let's have some fun today! Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

  • 151008 ~ The Baz!

    Conditioning: "The Baz" Complete the Following, Count all Complete Reps AMRAP 6 min 3 Strict HSPU 6 OHS (95/65#) -Rest 1 min - AMRAP 6 min 3 Strict Pullups 6 Push Jerks (115/85#) - Rest 1 min - AMRAP 6 min 3 Wall Walks 6 Squat Snatch (135/95#) Cash Out: Baaaaaaaa!! 15 min dedicated Goat work!

  • 151007 ~ Ladder Up!

    Strength/Skill: Every 2 min complete the following: ME Bench @ 75%  Dips 3 Weighted Dips (**Compare to 140401**...Add weight if possible)  3 Strict Dips 3 Max kipping Dips Conditioning: AMRAP 12min:  Up Ladder, of each  Thrusters (95/65)  Pull Ups Cash Out: 3 Rnds 15 Hollow Rocks 5 Hollow Rock RollME Hollow Rock Hold

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