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Workout Of the Day

  • 141222 ~Christmas MAX OUT Week!!

    From Our Family to Theirs!  Thank you so much for your generous donations to the Thompson Family Christmas initiative.  The look on Mom's and middle son Patrick's faces were priceless!  Little, by little, the Canuck Community is making a step at a time!! It's Christmas week and the end of our Wendler Cycle!!  Time to hit our last Max Out in 2014!!  With the New Year Around the's time to start thinking about your goals for 2015!! Strength: &...

  • 141219 ~ WOD Like Jack Bauer!

    Thank you for all of your generous donations!! Our Canuck Christmas Basket Donation drive was a huge success.  It was because of your generosity, the Thompson family will have a Christmas to remember!  I'm so proud of our Canuck Community!  Strength. 20min to complete 1 of the following: Makeup Saturday: Monday: Deadlift & Bench Press Tuesday: 1RM Front Squat Wednesday: Backsquat & Shoulder Press Friday: 'Deadlift & Bench Press Conditioning: “JACK BAUER: CORAL SNAKE” W...

  • 141219 ~ Last Day to Donate!!

     Today is the last day to donate to our Christmas Basket Drive......wrapping starts early Saturday morning! Thank you for all of your contributions.....we are going to make this a Christmas that the Thompson family will never forget!!! If you have a donation that you have been meaning to bring in but keep out and put it in your  car right now!!

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