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Workout Of the Day

  • 140423 ~ Squats, Deadlift, Burner!

    Strength: Every 90s x 6 min Front Squat 5 x 65% 4 x 70% 3 x 75% 2 x 80% ME @ 85% then... Deadlift 10 min to work up to a heavy 3 from 2" **The set ends when you can no longer maintain proper form when completing touch and go reps** Conditioning: Complete For Time 3 rnds 200m Sprint 10 OHS (135/95#) 2 rnds 10 Burpee 10 Snatch 1 Rnd 20 Box Jumps 10 Clean & Jerk Cash Out: 20 min dedicated mobility!    

  • 140422 ~ Might Feel Like Fran...For 12 min!

    Strength: 12 min to work up to 5 RM Bench press Skill: 10 min to complete the following: Dips 3 sets of: 3 Weighted Dips (**Compare to 140401**...Add weight if possible) 3 Strict Dips Max kipping Dips Conditioning: AMRAP 12min: Up Ladder, of each Thrusters (135/95#) Pullups Cash Out: 3 Rnds 15 Hollow Rocks 5 Hollow Rock Roll ME Hollow Rock Hold Rest as needed!  

  • 140421 ~ More Open WODs....WAAAAA??

    Strength: Backsquat Every 2:00 x 18 min 3 @ 75% Conditioning: 2014 Masters Qualifier WOD 3 50 Calorie Row (or 800m run) 15 HSPU 50 DU's Cash Out: 5 rounds Alternating 25 Sledge Hammers 50m Farmer Carry (70/50#) KB in each hand

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