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Workout Of the Day

  • 150306 ~ 15.2 = 14.2.....Another Repeat WOD!

    15.2.....or....14.2....Tomatoe/Tomato the "Challenge of Fitness" has been given, and it is now up to us to step up!  OHS, C2B pullups and a 3min cap is on this weeks menu.....2 movements that will challenge even the most experienced CrossFit athlete. For those of you who do not currently have a C2B pullup or for the scaled division...a regular's time...let's go out and get one!  The magic of the Open is Upon Us....never surrender to the belief that you can't....but thrive...

  • 150305 ~ 15.2 Announcement Day!!!

     Today is the day!! Open announcements 15.2 is here!! What does the Mr.

  • 150304 ~ 15.2 What is it Going to Be??????

     Strength: Every 2min x 12 min 1 Shoulder Press, 2 Push Presses, 3 Split Jerks @ 80-85% Shoulder Press Plus... 3 MU's or Banded MU Progressions Conditioning: AMRAP 12 min 30 Calorie Row 9 OHS (115/75#) 30 DU's Cash Out: Mobility! Mobility!

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