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Workout Of the Day

  • 150127 ~ Happy Birthday Akari!!

    I don't know what's worse....Akari designing a WOD, or having Akari and Coach Ade's birthday's back to back!!  If you don't know can easily recognize him by his trademark grunts....and awesome lifts!  Today's Sweat Angel is brought to you by the Birthday Boy himself! Have a great day AK!! Strength: Every 90s x 12 min Hi Hang - Hang - Low Hang Snatch **Increasing weight for as long as possible** Conditioning "Red Bull & C4....the AK Special" 15 min amrap 5 Deadl...

  • 150126 ~ Flip it and reverse it!

    The Open is now 3 weeks away.........what are you waiting for?!?! Sign up today!!!

  • 150124 ~ Birthday Request By Jason Wyles!

    Happy Birthday Jason!!! Your birthday WOD request is full of many Ups & Downs....30 of them!!  Have a great day!! Let's have some fun!

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