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Workout Of the Day

  • 15.5 Heat Schedule Released!!!


  • 150327 ~ Happy Birthday Maryam!!!

    Happy Birthday to one of our newest Canucks.....Maryam!!!  Now you may not know about our Birthday WOD i'll let you off the hook this time for the no BDay WOD Request!  We hope you have a great day!! 15.5.....Who else thinks that was a little anti climatic? Thrusters and a traditional CrossFit Rep Scheme.  No Burpees, or Box jumps....nothing heavy....just all out go!  The key to this WOD is finding a steady pace where you won't blow out! ...

  • 150326 ~ The Final Announcement! 15.5 Tonight!

    5 Weeks.......where has the time gone??  Join us tonight for the final Open Announcement!  Will it be the long Chipper that everyone is expecting?  Will Castro throw in the Burpees, Box Jumps, Thrusters, and Row...all movements that have been a staple in the Open since 2011?  In only a couple of hours, we will know all!  In the mean's Jackie Day!!  Come on out and set a new benchmark!! Strength: OHS Every 2min x 10 min 10 @ 50% 8 @ 70% 4 @ 80% 4 @ 85% 4...

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