140401 ~ 1 RM Bench!

Day 2 of our Max lift testing in preparation for the Texas Method!  Can we beat the number of PR's hit yesterday?? Hmmm.....let's see!


15 min to find 1RM Bench Press


10 min to complete the following:

3 sets of:
3 Weighted Dips
3 Strict Dips
Max kipping Dips


10 Ring Rows (Feet on box that is level with the rings)

Each set is one giant set, meaning you will perform all the weighted, strict and kipping as one big set.  Here what it should look like; Complete the weighted dips with a plate between your legs.  After your 3 weighted dips drop the weight without coming off the rings and continue with the strict dips.  Then without coming off the rings do a max set of kipping dips.  Then...complete 10 Ring rows. That is set one.
You choose the weight.  Rest as needed between sets.

**If you do not have unassisted strict dips, complete 3 sets of ME Strict Ring Dips.  Pick a band that is both challenging, and will allow you to complete at least 6 strict dips.


Complete For Time

100 Thrusters (95/65#)

EMOM 5 Burpee Over Bar

25 min Cap!

Cash Out:

5 x 250m Row (Sprint)

1:1 Work to rest ratio

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