141013 ~ Thanksgiving Holiday Monday!!

Happy Thanksgiving from your Canuck Family to Your Family!!!  If you are burning off some extra calories to put in the bank in anticipation for today's feast, or have already feasted and are feeling guilty.....come on in!!  Reminder of today's Special Class Schedule: 10 am Fundamentals, 11 & 12 AM CrossFit!

Thanksgiving is a time for Family and Fun! 2 is a pair, 4 is a Family! So make a family & 3-2-1 Go

Moday MashUp / CrossFit Team Series Event 11 Inspired!

With a running clock, complete the following

at 0:00

1600m sled pull (95/45#)

2000m Row

120 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20")

12 Rope Climbs

**Rotate Stations after every 400m Sled Pull**

If one station is complete, team members may rest or help to complete the reps


At 20:00:

100 double-unders each, as a relay

100 front squats total, (115 / 75 lb)

100 push presses total, (115 / 75 lb)

75 double-unders each, as a relay

75 front squats total, (115 / 75 lb).

75 push presses total, (115 / 75 lb)

50 double-unders each, as a relay

50 front squats total, (115 / 75 lb)

50 push presses total, (115 / 75 lb)

Only one athlete will be working at a time. The jump rope reps will be performed individually as a relay, with each athlete completing the total reps (i.e. 100 reps each in the first round). The front squat and push-press reps will be shared (i.e. 100 reps total in the first round, split up any way).

At the call of “3-2-1 ... go!” the first athlete will perform 100 double-unders, then tag the next athlete who will perform 100 double-unders, etc. Once the last athlete performs their double-unders the team will move on to the front squats. Teams may have two barbells, one loaded to the men’s weight and one loaded to the women’s weight, but only one athlete may be working at a time, and athletes must tag each other when rotating. Teammates must tag each other prior to picking the barbell off the floor. Once the front squats are complete the team will move to the push press. After the push press the team will go back to the jump ropes, again performing all of the reps individually as a relay, before moving back to the front squats.

The event is over when the last repetition of the push press is complete.

Let's have some fun!!!

Cash Out:

12 min dedicated Mobility!!





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