151208 ~ New Faces...other things I notice everyday!

I’m so unbelievably lucky that I get to wake up everyday, throw on some gym shorts and a t-shirt, and go to work. It’s the coolest job in the world, and something I truly wish I’ll get to do for as long as possible. Helping people everyday reach new goals, or take that first step toward a healthier life is something I pride myself on each day! I take this job incredibly serious which means I’m very observant in every class I coach (unless I’m really hungry…then I’m probably thinking about Dark Chocolate). I thought I’d write a quick post on the things I notice every single day...

1. Who’s early

It’s always cool seeing who shows up 10-15 minutes early to class. They may be stretching, doing activation exercises, mobility, or just shooting the breeze with someone. It’s fun and encouraging to see people building a positive environment or working to improve themselves.

2. Who’s working hard

Believe me, I know when you’re busting your ass in here trying to squeeze out that extra rep, put a few more pounds on the bar, or get in the door a few seconds faster from our sprint repeats. I notice. Other coaches notice. EVERYONE notices. Your hard work is contagious, and we absolutely want you to spread it.

3. Who’s cheering everyone on

This is the guy or girl that just busted their butt in the WOD, and instead of rushing to put up equipment and get out the door, they’re trying to catch their breath while pushing you to the finish. These people are known as awesome people.

4. Who’s making huge improvements

In the fitness world, you might here this referred to as “gaiinnnzzzzz.” I see your gainz. These might be strength gainz, technique gainz, endurance gainz, clothing gainz (is that new Lulu? Those Metcons look fresh!), and gymnastics gainz. We have a lot of members. I do my best to try and praise the hell out of you when I see them!!! But if I don’t get to you that day, know that myself and the other coaches notice, and most likely everyone else is noticing too. You’re a badass. Keep it up.

5. Who’s making excuses

I get it. We all have excuses and completely valid reasons why we might not be performing our best. Today your back hurts, and yesterday you didn’t sleep well, and tomorrow you’ll have a crappy day at work, and the next day it’s going to rain and, let’s be honest, without 12 continuous hours of sunlight you’re an emotional wreck **cue violin playing extremely sad song** L. It’s 100% our CHOICE whether we use these to accept poor performance, or if we leave those at the door and get better every time we step in the gym....Read the note on the door....I tell you it's hard before you even walk in!

6. Who’s NOT putting away their equipment

I will find you. Hope you like burpees....lots of them!

7. Who makes our new members feel welcome

See a new face in your class??  Introduce yourself!  Remember when you were the new face and how it felt when the ÖG"members introduced themselves to you!  We have so many amazing members of our community....take a second and say hello...you may be meeting your future best friend!

If you’ve ever been to a box where you haven’t felt welcomed, you know how awkward and uncomfortable that can be. We do such a great job at welcoming new faces into the box. Let’s all continue to do our best to be a welcoming and friendly community!

8. Who brings me coffee and/or food

I love Green Tea....just putting it out there :)

****Today is the last day to RSVP for the MAD Mexican, please see Zach or Tavia for payment***


15 min to find 1RM Front Squat


Complete For Time:
40 Pistols
30 DB Push Press (50/35#)
20 Box Jumps (30/24#)
10 Muscle-ups (Ring or Bar)

Cash Out:

Row 1k
Rest 4 Minutes
Row 1k


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