160104 ~ Setting the Right Kind of Goals for 2016

"It Takes As Much Energy To Wish As it Does to Plan"- Elenor Roosevelt

2016 is HERE!, and with it, a slew of us have resolutions involving some sort of body project. Whether it's "lose weight", "be more fit", "drink less alcohol", or hopefully "get more sleep", there is a right way to set those goals so you can achieve them.

Start with making sure your goals are SMART:






Specific - This may mean hitting some benchmarks in the box: A faster Fran? Finally getting those kipping pull-ups? RXing more WODs? Don't hold back. Be really specific and WRITE IT DOWN.

Measureable - How do you measure this goal?  Is it a faster 1K row or mile run? 30 lb PR on your deadlift? Getting to the box at least 3 days per week?How are you going to measure your goal? Write it down!

Attainable - What can you accomplish in the year? The answer is a lot, but if you are brand new to the box AND exercise in general, muscle-ups probably aren't in the cards for you this year. But you can think about cutting time off of benchmark WODs, getting those pull-ups, or graduating to the 20" box for jumps. Not sure what's realistic for you? Your coaches can help you find that sweet spot of pushing your limits, but not putting the goal out of range.

Realistic -If attainable is what CAN you physically do, realistic is the part where you think about what you WILL ACTUALLY do. Change is hard, and we need to be honest with ourselves about our track records and past challenges in attaining goals. Will you get to the box enough to reach your goal? Is that feasable for you? What if you get sickor work gets busy?

Timely - Set a deadline. Even better? Break that up into benchmarks for the year. By the end of March I will add 10 pounds to my thruster. By the end of June I will be doing band-less pull-ups. By the end of September I'll be RXing Fran. By the end of the year, I'll cut 2 minutes off that time.

Beyond being SMART about the goals, you need to plan how to achieve them. What does it look like on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to work on your goal? What are some obstacles that can stand in your way? How will you get around those? The more you visualize and are proactive about the potential problems and realities of your goal, the more successful you will be.

WRITE IT DOWN:New 2016 Goals Board will be ready TODAY!

Write it down.This is the secret sauce!You may think you don’t need to do this because you’ll be fine with just having it in your head. Research has shown that there is something about physically writing things with your actual hand on an actual piece of paper that processes differently in your brain. In today’s world of texting and typing, this is rarely something we ever do. Set your realistic plan to get to your goal, and WRITE it on the 2016 Goals Board where you and everyone else can look at every day.


Once you write your goals on the Canuck Goals board, it is your responsibility to do all that you can to achieve it.  Know that you are never alone!!  Your Canuck Family is here to help you stay focused and get over the bumps in the road! Your community will be encouraging and strong when you need it!

I have attached a goals worksheet to help in your planning....once your goals are set....post them to the Goals Board!! Smart_goals_template.docx

I look forward to reading the great accomplishments that Canuck will achieve this year!  Great things to come!!


10 min to find 5RM Strict Press

Then EMOM x 5 min
1 Turf Length Sled Push (High Bar) – 135/95


3 Rounds for time of:
15 Thrusters (95/65)
15 Pushups
15 Kettlebell Swings (70/50#)
15 Wallballs 20/14

15 min Cap

Cash Out:

3 Rounds
10 GHD Situps
10 GHD Back Extensions
10 Reverse Hyper




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