160224 ~ 2nd in Canada East!!

Canuck is currently sitting in 2nd place in Canada East and 31st in the World!!Great work to everyone who has signed up!

For the next five weeks beginning this Thursday night at 8:00 p.m., you’ll notice a heightened air of excitement at Canuck!   If this is your first open, here are some helpful hints and suggestions to help maximize your experience!

Join us on Thursday (and the next four Thursdays) at 8:00 p.m. We’ll be watching the live announcement of the movements and standards for workout 16.1, with Chyna Cho and Emily Abbott going head to head. If you’re not able to join us, check out games.crossfit.com. If you need clarification of the standards, help with a movement or lift, or have any questions, ask a coach, brainstorm with your fellow Canucks and PRACTICE!

Preparing for the Open

Stick to your normal routine — these next five weeks are not the time to try a new protein supplement, break in new shoes, or start a new nutrition plan. That being said, plan your workout schedule carefully so that you are fresh and well rested going into your workout. Work on the movements, focus on mobility, eat clean and get enough sleep. On the day before you do the workout, take an active rest/recovery day with a short, easy stint on the rower, airdyne, go for a walk and do lots of mobility. Do just enough activity to keep your blood flowing, but nothing that will fatigue you.

Weights & Movements

Once the movements and standards are released, review them carefully, practice them to make sure you understand them and can perform them to the standard. Some of our athletes may do the workout after the announcement on Thursday night. Watch them, and any others that go before you on Friday night. You will get invaluable information that can help you to tweak your approach and set-up.This will go a long way to shave precious seconds off your times.

Develop a strategy for movements.

“I’m going to go until I fatigue” strategy is NOT a good strategy, as your body will require too much rest time before resuming. Based on previous metcons, hopefully you have determined how to break up reps with minimal rest in between. For example, if there are 150 wallballs, one strategy would be to do a rep scheme of 10-10-10 with a five second rest after each 10. As your body starts to fatigue, decrease to 5-5-5, 3-3-3 or even 1-1-1 etc. with very short breaks, until all your reps are done. Stick to your strategy and avoid the temptation to do a couple extra reps before pausing to rest. Overall, your time will be faster, with less total rest time if you don’t redline.


For any workout that requires adding increasing weights, get the bar and plates out and determine how best to lay out the weights. Practice adding weights to the bar – there’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of the workout and losing your momentum because you’re not used to adding weights under time pressure, or you haven’t laid your plates out in a logical and organized way.

Box jumps

Box placement is very important. Minimize the distance you have to travel to get to your box from previous movements or from your bar; but also make sure it’s not so close it interferes with your other movements. Try placing the box behind you or to the side to see which works better, but make sure it’s only 2-3 steps away. Box step-ups have been allowed previously, and some athletes feel this is faster than doing box jumps. Approach and step up at the corner of the box rather than from the side of the box.

Double Unders (DUs)

Lay your rope out in a U shape to begin the workout, and each time you finish the DU portion of the workout. When you get to the DUs, step into the bottom of the U, pick up your handles and go. If you throw your rope down on the floor and it gets tangled, you’ll lose several seconds trying to get it untangled in subsequent rounds.

The Workout Heats – Sign up for a heat / time on Zen Planner.  Heat spaces will be posted on Thursday Evening.

Warm-up – There’s going to be a lot of chaos and excitement, and you’re going to want to help judge and watch others do the workout. Make sure you take the time to warm up well and test out the weights and the movements so your body is primed.Ask one of your fellow athletes to be your judge Judging Hopefully you’ll all get a chance to judge your fellow athletes.

Whether this is your 1st Open or you are a seasoned Open Vet, there is always some anxiety and nerves involved, as with any competition, but once you hear 3-2-1 GO, it’s just a workout like any other WOD. Do your best, challenge yourself, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! Go Team Metconartissts!!


Every 2 min x 12 min
0:00-2:00 75%
2:00-4:00 75%
4:00-6:00 80%
6:00-8:00 80%
8:00-10:00 80%
10:00-12:00 80%
**Work on speed out of the hole..these should start to feel better every week**


"CrossFit Biathalon"

20 min Cap

5 Rounds For Time

75 DU's (200 singles)

5 Snatch Attempts (165/120#) or 85- 90% 1 RM Snatch

** For every missed snatch attempt, you must add 25 DU's as a penalty before you start the next round**

**Focus is on consistent unbroken strings of Double

Cash Out:

Mobilize & socialize.  Join us tomorrow evening to watch the 16.1 Announcement!!  What does The Dave Castro Have in store for us.....predictions coming tomorrow!

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