170418 ~ The Eastobound Method!

Today marks the 1st day of our 2018 Open Prep Training.  The entire year of programming has been broken down into a series of Mini Cycles, each with a specific target and focus. 

I have colaborated with Coach Rob from Eastbound Powerlifting to create your Raw Strength blueprint for the entire year! Both Rob and I are very excited for everyone to be our Guinea Pigs :)

Cycle #1 - HYPERTROPHY - 9 Weeks

It’s time to get swole!! Hypertrophy is the process of making your muscles larger. Note that I didn’t say stronger–just larger. A larger muscle has more potential to become strong. In fact, you will see some strength gains during this cycle from increased muscular size, even though that isn’t the primary goal. In our next cycle we’ll turn to the task of making all that new muscle strong. But for now, we focus on size.

Why? Because muscle size is a limiting factor in strength. If you expose two muscles to the exact same strength training, the larger muscle will ultimately be able to exert more force. That’s not to say that the larger muscle is always stronger between two different people - NO. But given the same person exposed to the same training, the larger muscle will win. Every time. That is why most professional sports programs that aren’t limited by weight classes start with a hypertrophy phase. So why should our program be any different?

A High Intensity Conditioning program is the best accessory to any strength program.  Our focus over the next cycle is get in BETTER shape...and clean up your movements!

The 1st mini cycle will focus on many of our weaknesses ....gymnastics endurance pieces, and cleaning up our lifts.The main focus for all Oly. lifting is to reassess your movements, keep it relatively light, and fix your inefficiencies. Only add weight if things are moving really well.Try to attack the Conditioning pieces as hard as possible.  If you redline, make note of the time and place in the WOD where you were forced to back off of the intensity. 

Set your goals, and do whatever you can to achieve it....your success is in your hands!!


Hypertrophy Week 1 of 9


Every 2 min x 6 min (3 sets)

8-12 Reps @ 60%


Muscle Up Warm Up/Skill Work. Spend some time working on MU technique.

Tabata Alternating

20s On / 10s Rest

6 rnds (3 min)

False Grip Ring Rows

Strict Dips


Happy Belated Birthday James!!!

“James JT Crighton 

Complete For Time:

1200m Run

19 Power Clean (155/115#)

90 DU’s

7 Ring MU

20 Box Jump Overs

19 Power Clean (155/115#)

90 DU’s

7 Ring MU

1200m Run

 (20 min Cap)

Cash Out:

The 50’s

50 GHD Situps

50 Heavy Russians

50 Reverse Hypers

 ** Break up reps anyway. Reverse Hyper weight 30% 1RM Backsquat

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