170524 ~ Dumbells - Dumbells - Dumbells!!

Oh No! Not Dumbells!!! Dumbells Suck!!

CrossFit founder Greg Glassman expands upon the importance of this training tool.  If you have completed WODs with dumbbells you know how very challenging they can be.  At most gyms they are not utilized nearly enough.

Since we moved to the new location at 710 Progress, we have tried to program a Dumbell workout at least once a week.  It's no coincidence that the class sizes seem a little bit smaller on these days....why?.....because dumbells suck!

Why can we easily thruster a barbell at 135 lbs, but put 50lb dumbells in your hands and your arms turn to wet noodles?  Dropping a Dumbell (plesase try not to), just doesn't make the same empowering sound as dropping a heavy barbell!

So why is a dumbbell shoulder press harder than a barbell shoulder press?   Because having two hands on the barbell you can compensate with the stronger side but with the dumbbells both arms must stabilize independently.  If training is supposed to make you fitter, this type of symmetrical strength development is very valuable.

Dumbbells also help reduce CNS overload.  Barbells allow maximal loadingwhich is fantastic for super charging neuro-endocrine adaptations but your body cannot endure maximal intensity training everyday.  Dumbbell WODs are by necessity lighter reducing the total power output and training volume and giving your CNS a break.

And its not just your CNS that benefits.  Joints and connective tissue enjoy a lighter day with less loading on the spine while you still get a grueling workout.

There is always a method to all the madness! 

Let's grab a set a DB's and attack this Regional's inspired workout!


Every 90s x 16 min


a. 8-12 Deficit Deadlift @ 65%

 b. 8-12 DB Press **Heavier than Week 3**


Complete For Time:

40 Alt. DB Snatch (50/35#)


50 Wall Balls

20 T2B

50 Wall Balls (20/14#)


40 Atl. Db Snatch

 (20 min Cap)

Cash Out:

2 Min Accumulated “L”sit hold on Rope, Rings, or Bar

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