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The Open is Upon us!!  For those of us who have had the luxury of previously participating in the Open, enjoy these last couple of days before your entire life get's captivated by the leaderboard, videos, and all things OPEN!  For all the Open first timers....fasten your have just registered for an exciting 5 weeks!

Our upcoming Open season tells us that it is time that we bid adieu to our latest Conditioning cycle!  As a coach, I am very pleased with the results I am seeing!  We have increased our capacities, and learned how to cycle movements efficiently! 

During the 5 weeks of the Open, our Programming will change slightly...please note that this is a de-load period for all Athletes...not just the athletes participating in the Open!

Our programming will resemble the following:

1.  Monday will be a heavy day most likely  Back and Front Squats.  These will be low reps of approx. 3-5 sets.  These reps will be heavy, but we are not looking for 1RM or PR's.  This heavy squat will help to cause a CNS stimulus and hormonal spike which will benefit you later in the week - making you primed and ready to CRUSH IT on OPEN SATURDAY!!

2. WODs on Tuesday & Wednesday will be programmed for high intensity, not volume. (I.e. Short WODs, light weights...go all out!)

3.  There will be an additional focus on our Skills & Efficiency (this provides additional neurological stimulus)

4.  If you are attacking the Open WOD on Saturday, it is recommended that you take a rest day on Thursday.

Even better...come on in on Thursday Night...and watch the Open Announcement with your Canuck Family!!!

5.  Friday's programming will have a movement focused "Light WOD" based on the Open Announcement.  Please come on in and work up a light sweat...nothing too taxing...just get the body moving instead of walking into Saturday cold!

6. Make sure that you are eating, sleeping, and hydrating well!! 

Please note that this is a rough template that we will be know your body best! 

Let's have some fun people! You have all been working so hard!! 

Enjoy the experience....don't get too caught up in the Hype!! 

Big Breaths......3-2-1...GO Team Canuck 2014!!


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