The Texas Method-1

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate the end of our season last night at the Waterfront Bistro.  To all who could not make it....we missed you!!!

As a coach and program designer, there is nothing greater than the data collected during the Open.  This is the ultimate test of our strengths and weaknesses, where particular patterns arose for both individual athletes and our gym as a whole.  Our programming for the next year leading up to the 2015 Open will attack our weaknesses, and in improve our strengths.  Our focus is to not only become stronger, but skilled!

The months of April, May, and June will be dedicated to raw power and strength.  We will be using Pendlay's Texas Method-1.  This program revolves around a 3x/week squatting program of High Volume on Mondays, Low Volume on Wednesdays and a rep max on Fridays.

A week of this program will resemble the following:

Monday- Back Squats for Low Intensity and High Volume

Wednesday- Front Squats for Medium Intensity and Medium Volume

Friday- Back Squats for a Rep Max (High Intensity and Low Volume)

In addition to Squats, we will also have a focus on our Pushing (Bench & Shoulder Press), and Pulling (Deadlifts). 

What About Weightlifting??

In reading this, you may be wondering about your weightlifting skills.  As a box that is bias towards the Clean & Jerk and Snatch, we will continue to practice these lifts.  We are going back to the drawing board, and are going to be drilling each position of these lifts, on the road to being great technical lifters.  During the Texas program, increasing our 1RM in the Clean & Jerk and Snatch is not our goal.......that time will come later this year!!

If you feel like you would like some extra time to work on your lifts, don't forget about our 2 Platform Assassins weightlifting sessions held on Thursday evenings at 8:30pm, and Sunday morning from 10am - Noon.  Please see ZenPlanner for availability!

Some basic guidelines for this phase of training. 

 1.  Take the rest days.  You are going to grow when you are NOT in the gym.

2.  Continue to do mobility.    

3.  Eat lots!  Yes, this is going to be individualized and if you are a beast already it's not going to be as important.  We are going to get BIG and STRONG over the next three months so it's ok to have the sweet potato fries and ketchup with dinner.  

4.  Accept that your metcon is not going to improve over the next two months.  Don't worry it will come back.  We are primarily working on strength, then conditioning!

Good luck in this journey!!!  Cheers to getting bigger, stronger, faster, and agile like a supple leopard!!


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