This journey started by accident after hitting the never ending plateau at the gym. Stuck in the same place, but working out 4-5 days a week. By a lucky chance a coworker told me that some of her friends were starting a CrossFit gym and I should try it. It took 5 days to be able to move without feeling the ache of having worked hard. I was in decent shape and 1 hour did this? It helped me break through the plateau, losing 65lbs and 25% body fat.

What brought you to Coaching?
Actually, the CrossFit Open did. I was already wowed by the help that Tavia had given me. Stiff hips, unable to get below parallel and poor eating habits were all traits and she slowly chipped away at all of them. The kicker though happened to be Open WOD 13.2. Shoulder to Overhead, Deadlifts, and Box Jumps. I was gassed by the end of the first 2 minutes, but Tavia and Darryl yelled at me to pick up the bar. My brain checked out and my body just listened to the instructions. For the next 8 minutes, I was a robot that could do whatever anyone told me to do. I realized that the mind was the biggest limiter when you got close to the red-line and if you shut it off and just do what is yelled at you, you can get through anything.

Favourite movement/workout and why?
Favourite? There are so many…I will have to just pick ‘The Sandwich’. Why? Well, I like sandwiches…obviously. That and it includes the Row, Deadlift, and Shoulder to Overhead. All fun things!

Least favourite movement/workout and why?
Right now? That’s a tough one because depending on the day, it changes. Right now, double unders and I are NOT friends…

What do you like to do outside of CrossFit?
Lots of incredibly dumb things, all of which CrossFit has made a bit easier. I enjoy cycling (road) and climbed Mount Ventoux in 2014. Recently I tried to overcome my dislike of running by completing the 2017 Chicago Marathon.

Advice for someone starting or wanting to start CrossFit?
Don’t be afraid. There are lots of things that are hard to do, but very few of them will give you a return like CrossFit does. Every little bit of energy expended and drop of sweat is an investment in a healthier life. A chance to live a little bit longer. To play with your kids or grand-kids. To live life on your terms.

Favourite joke…and go!
JUST KEEP GOING! IT GETS EASIER EVERY ROUND (…knowing full well, that it does not…)

  • Ryerson University – Bachelor of Commerce, Information Technology Management
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Catalyst Weightlifting Level 1 Coach Certification (In Progress)
  • Standard First Aid (AED)
  • CPR Level C