Meet George. He is one of many that came to us specifically for CrossFit and then found his true love…lifting weights!

“I didn’t always love training…my first love was playing sports because it gave me a great sense of joy and happiness! Volleyball was may game! I would spend countless hours training and competing in volleyball leagues and tournaments. It was a fun time and in the pursuit of becoming a better volleyball player; I discovered CrossFit Canuck.

My best memory when I first started CrossFit was those bleary-eyed mornings where I was met by Coach Bernie. Bernie was the morning guy with a thunderous positive and motivating voice, complete with a big infectious smile! He kept us moving, focused, and safe. There were so many moments my brain was screaming at me to stop and it was only Bernie’s voice, encouraging me that made me keep going. Without knowing it, he made me a better volleyball player and helped me embrace CrossFit training.

When CrossFit Canuck announced they were going to offer a 9-week Powerlifting Program (PowerUp), led by Coach Rob; I jumped at the chance to get back into training. Going into PowerUp, I believed I knew how to bench, squat, and deadlift-I was wrong! In a small-group focused class, I learned the technical nuances of the three movements of Powerlifting. Rob’s program was engaging, educational, and most importantly – FUN! Today I enjoy the convenience of training and challenging myself with a weekly custom-made program under the watchful eye of Coach Rob.
Did I mention I LOVE training?”

We love how much dedication George has put into his training since he started with us! Would you believe this past weekend, he competed in a local Powerlifting meet for the FIRST TIME EVER?! Our community is proud of you and can’t wait to see you lift on the platform again!