Meet Karen. She is one of our amazing, hardworking, dedicated Canucks, and happens to be a proud member of our awesome Mom Crew.

“For obvious reasons everything changed when I had my daughter. Everything was harder and things I had taken for granted seemed impossible. I used to go to the gym regularly, but just getting out the door seemed impossible!

When I was ready my husband gently pushed me in the direction of CrossFit Canuck. To be honest, I was disbelieving and nervous of trying it out. My body didn’t feel like my own…how was I going to do all those crazy things that crossfitters do?

When I got to CrossFit Canuck I found a welcoming community that not only helped me back on to my fitness path, but also embraced my daughter and helped me to be a better mother. Everyone was so supportive…from encouraging me to keep trying, scooping up and comforting my screaming baby as I struggled to finish a WOD and telling me not to feel bad about taking an hour to focus on myself.

As I did more CrossFit classes it became evident that I really needed to work on my technique if I wanted to get stronger. That’s about the time that Coach Rob started his new Power Up program. Under Rob’s watchful eye, I grew more confident by developing a better technique to lift heavier and safer.”

We love seeing Karen’s transformation from new mom to strong mom! We are excited to see the amazing things she will accomplish as she continues to work hard in the gym.

Every mom’s fitness journey is different, but one thing remains the same — they understand the importance of taking time for fitness for themselves! It revitalizes them to get through their busy days like the She-ros they are!