Meet Elizabeth. She is one of our members that has embraced this sport since we initiated our Crossfit Kids program at Canuck! Elizabeth is a true OG of our kids program and she hopes to inspire other young kids to give Crossfit a try!

“I started CrossFit Kids when I was 8 years old. During that time I learned many different movements, for example how to do a proper squat, cleans, push ups, and how to run properly. I have enjoyed being able to play games, learn how to do new things every class like, rope climbs, deadlifts, and pull ups.

Canuck Kids/Beasts has helped me improve in a lot of things I do, such as soccer, hockey, track and field, and cross country. In fact, I made it to the city finals 3 years in a row for cross country and running long jump, because of the hard work I put in at CrossFit.

CrossFit can help you get into sports, get better at sports you are already doing, and help you get to know new people. I think my favourite part is the fact that it’s so much fun!”

We are so proud of Elizabeth’s hard work over the years and we can’t wait to see how she continues to progress now that she is in our regular CrossFit classes!