Getting started is simple at CrossFit Canuck!


We start everyone off with a FREE 1-on-1 Intro Session. This approach is our most effective method for getting you started and keeping you accountable on your training journey. Our complimentary 1-on-1 Intro Session lasts approximately one hour and is essentially the start of your fitness journey with Canuck. You will be greeted by one of our expert Coaches, and we will do what is most important-get to know YOU, YOUR fitness goals, and how we can help YOU reach them in the best way possible. We will cover everything you need to know about what we offer and how we can help inspire you to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

ways to book your Intro Session at CrossFit Canuck:

Call us at (647) 352-6352



CrossFit Canuck offers various Membership options including:

NEW MEMBERS ONLY 6 Month Unlimited Membership
Full-Time Student Rate
Drop-in/Visitor Pass (Daily/Weekly)
10-Class Pass
By Number of Classes per Week You Attend
Come in for a FREE Intro Session for further details!
*prices do not include HST


Is CrossFit for me?

Absolutely! Your needs and the needs of the Olympic athlete’s differ by degree not kind. Increased power, strength, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, stamina, speed, agility, balance, and coordination are each important to the world’s best athletes and to our grandparents. The amazing truth is that the very same methods that elicit optimal response in the Olympic or professional athlete will optimize the same response in the elderly. Of course, we can’t load your grandmother with the same squatting weight that we’d assign an Olympic skier, but they both need to squat. In fact, squatting is essential to maintaining functional independence and improving fitness. Squatting is just one example of a movement that is universally valuable and essential, yet rarely taught to any but the most advanced of athletes. This is a tragedy. Through painstakingly thorough coaching and incremental load assignment, CrossFit has been able to teach anyone who can care for themselves to perform safely and with maximum efficacy the same movements typically utilized by professional coaches in elite and certainly exclusive environments.

I haven’t worked out in a long time, do I have to get in shape first?

No! When you walk in the door, wherever you are in your fitness journey, that’s where you begin. All the movements we do in CrossFit are universal in their ability to improve performance. Making an adjustment in a workout for a beginner (something we call ‘scaling’ a workout) means reducing the total reps or rounds, reducing the distance, eliminating the clock, reducing the weight, and /or reducing the complexity of the movement. This is something we do all the time and are really good at.

I have kids. Can they come?

Yes! You are setting a good example for your children. Let them see that your health and fitness is a priority to you. They have an amazing knack for following the example we set for them. We have a “kids corner” with toys and activities to keep them busy, but we do not have supervision for them. You can also look at our Canuck Kids (CrossFit Kids) program as a future possibility for them!

Your prices are more expensive than other “gyms.” Why is that?

CrossFit Canuck is not a traditional gym. You do not pay a monthly fee and then just show up and do your own workout. You get the benefits of having a daily set program and knowledgeable coaches that are willing to guide you through your CrossFit lifestyle. You are paying for quality programming, coaching and assistance as well as the use of our facility and the equipment that you will not find at most typical “gyms.”

I am visiting Toronto, can I drop in for a class?

Yes. Just contact us of when you are looking to workout and we will reserve you into a class.

What if I have an injury?

Many people who start CrossFit have had some type of chronic injury they have been dealing with for years. These injuries are often due to muscular imbalances, bad posture, poor training form, and lack of physical activity. Pain from these injuries can be severely reduced by following a strength and conditioning program that emphasizes correct movement patterns. We recommend you let us know during your 1-on-1 session of these injuries so we can ensure we start down the right path.

What can I expect on my first visit?

CrossFit can be intimidating and we want you to feel comfortable as you begin to improve your health and fitness. You will be led through a basic warm-up and then your current movement patterns will be assessed in order to identify and begin to correct any deficiencies. You will then be given a baseline workout in which the intensity (how hard the workout is) will be entirely up to you. We encourage everyoen to push themselves, but if you have not worked out in awhile, then you will be strongly encouraged to take your time and just complete the workout.

Am I too old?

No! If you can move then you can CrossFit. There might be specific movements that need to be scaled or altered for current fitness levels, but you are never too old to start working out. CrossFit Canuck has a great group of Masters athletes that are always looking for more people to join!

How often should I come in?

As often as your body and schedule allow! We feel that training at least 3 days per week will allow you to benefit the most from our program, but we understand people are busy and have other activities outside of our box (in fact we encourage that!). This is why our Membership levels are flexible so you can train however many days you wish.