Certified Eat to Perform Level 1 Coach              Coach Tavia Van Damme & COACH MARYAM MARASHI

Fitness and health go hand in hand with a solid nutrition program. At CrossFit Canuck, we believe that everyone should train hard and eat well. We don’t believe in ‘diet and exercise.’ There is a better way to a healthy lifestyle!

Whether you are training hard as an athlete or just training for life, you want to maximize your effort by fueling your body properly. The next logical step is to amp up your nutrition.

How it Works:

We calculate your macronutrients based on your personal information and your specific goals. We work with a wide range of individuals that want to learn how this style of eating can improve their performance! From those looking to improve their body composition to high-level athletes, we will work with you to clean up your nutrition. 

We will walk you through and teach you how to eat for performance; you will be able to email us with questions, and special situations for Performance Nutrition Guidance. You do not need to be a CrossFit Canuck athlete to take advantage of this life changing service!

“Just like how I started my CrossFit journey, myself and my girlfriend (Kerry) signed up for the Canuck Lean + Clean Challenge last year, looking for a fun and competitive way to become better versions of ourselves.

I thought that I was already doing all the right things by eating home-cooked meals and exercising regularly at CrossFit. Little did I know that a few simple adjustments to my diet and lifestyle would allow me to make so many improvements in my physique and overall fitness.

I can honestly say that the L+C Challenge has changed the way I look at food in the healthiest and constructive way possible, and a lot of my improvements in the gym have come from fueling my body properly.
Understanding how food and certain lifestyle changes (like sleep!) affect my performance has been a game changer and I am still using all of the same tools and advice gained from the lean and clean challenge to this day to achieve my goals.

The great thing about this challenge is that you get out as much as you put in and you cannot cheat the final results. If you are willing to make a stepwise change in your physique/fitness and put in the little bit of extra effort to get there this challenge is for you! Because of the success that I saw with my journey in the challenge, I was even able to get my company to try it out and they loved it as well!

I am looking forward to seeing a great turnout for this years challenge!”

- Ryan M.


“At the beginning of the year I decided I needed a new challenge. This is when I took the advice of Coach Sarah who connected me with CrossFit Canuck’s Eat To Perform expert and Coach, Tavia Van Damme. From the first meeting with Tavia I knew there was no joking around with this program. “Three strikes and you are out of the program!” She was serious! So I did everything I was guided to do, followed through and trusted the process. This was the best I have ever felt in my life! The results were unbelievable! It changed my perspective completely. It wasn’t a rapid change that happened, it was gradual, it was done safely where I never felt hungry (I actually wasn’t eating enough before!) and I can now maintain this eating lifestyle on my own without falling into bad habits. I’ve never felt as healthy and strong as I feel now. I don’t know if I can ever be grateful enough for Tavia and Sarah for showing me the “right way”! The new me, who is 33lbs lighter, is much more confident, healthier, and happier than ever. I dropped from a size 10 to size 4! I think I was size 4 when I was in kindergarten. So get on this! Contact Tavia today and you will thank yourself later! If you don’t try you will never know what you are capable of!”
- Annie M.