Power Up

COVID-19 Update: Our Power Up program is currently unavailable. We will resume this 9-week program upon re-opening of our facility. Please inquire for more information on how you can reserve your spot and take advantage of our LOCKDOWN SALE!

Have you been interested in lifting weights, but are confused on what’s the best approach is for you or feel intimidated to start? Do you lift currently to gain strength, but feel like you lack the technique or proper program to take you to the next level? If you answered YES to any of the previous questions, our newest barbell program is for YOU!

You can now learn how to effectively and safely gain strength through weight training under a coach’s watchful eye. This barbell focused program is set in a controlled and welcoming environment. This approach will allow YOU to gain confidence in lifting, as well as get you closer to YOUR GOALS!

Don’t be intimidated any longer! Contact us today for pricing details or to register for the Power Up program. **LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE**

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