Quentin or ‘Q-man’ or just ‘Q’ is one of our Canuck athletes who came to us because his mom, Lisa (a member herself) wanted him to be ACTIVE!

Quentin is high-functioning autistic and started in our Canuck Kids program in 2016. We worked together to keep him moving with the class, finding the best approach to teach new skills without causing any frustration, and bottom line – having FUN with fitness! Quentin’s little mantra before doing anything was “I can do this!” He took on everything that came his way and always sported a SMILE…with exception for burpees.

Quentin continued to workout with the Canuck Kids class and eventually moved up to the Canuck Beasts program! Every class he approached with positivity, more confidence, and just hard work. Lisa said that he was performing better in regular gym class and even eating more! Putting on weight has always been a challenge – he was now making gains!

Fast forward to Summer 2018. This inspiring young man is now in high school and doing amazing in all his classes with significant improvement in gym class! Not only that, he’s graduated into our adult Sweat60 program! Q is hitting the workouts weekly right along with his mom and even smiling when burpees are programmed.