In 2017, Lori made the decision to try Crossfit (she said it was her first good decision!). Her second best one was walking through the doors of Canuck.

Twelve years ago, when Lori experienced some major changes in her life, which contributed to a gain of 30lbs. Lori said she had felt like she had aged 30 years, and basically didn’t recognize the once fit and active person she had always been. Lori also developed osteoarthritis in her hands, knees, and feet; being in a constant state of pain. Needless to say, she was unhappy with how she felt and looked. She attempted to get back to her old fitness and nutrition routine, but nothing changed. She needed support!

“My decision to try CrossFit seemed counterintuitive to everyone – except my ‘can-do’ partner and husband, Bruce. I was unsure and nervous, but knew that I needed to get moving and that I needed support to be successful. Enter CrossFit Canuck! I found the structure and guidance I needed; it was the support I received from the coaching team and members that kept me coming back…despite setbacks, challenges, and seemingly slow progress. At Canuck, success is measured individually – not on who is the strongest or fastest. It’s the person who finishes a workout last that gets the biggest applause!

Five months in, I was feeling better and had lost some weight. I started working with Tavia in 2018 to guide me through the Eat to Perform system with a personalized approach to eating that addresses my energy requirements. To my extreme pleasure, I started to see results almost immediately! I reached my goal weight in 14 weeks, and in the 8 weeks following, dropped an additional 5lbs!

Fourteen months into my Canuck journey, I’ve been able to hold my weight within 3lbs of my goal. I’m not hungry and don’t feel deprived. I have the knowledge and strategy to manage my diet and my weight, while living my life. I am getting STRONGER! A month ago, I did my first rope climb on my 59th BIRTHDAY! Fourteen months ago, I wasn’t able to hold my grip on the rope for 10 seconds! I feel good in my skin again and feeling more confident and energetic. I am a work in progress, and continuing to do better than I have ever thought I would or could. Thanks to the Canuck team and community for your guidance and support!”

– Lori K., Canuck Member Since 2017