Vanitha was a determined woman to get her health and wellness back on track! She took the step forward and joined us in our On-Ramp program in 2016. From there, this once unsure, soft spoken individual, became more confident and one of the loudest voices you hear cheering for her Canuck Community daily! We love her spirit for fitness and the CrossFit community.

“Oh boy, where do I begin?! My life before CrossFit was pretty unhealthy. I love food and anytime I would get stressed, food was my go to! Not the best idea, especially if you love sugar like me. Mind you, I still get stressed, but my go to is now CrossFit Canuck.

This isn’t just a gym. It’s a sanctuary for people who just want to get stronger, healthy, and need a safe space to pump some iron! And that’s what Canuck has done for me. Even though I still have a long way to go, I am not worried because of the community that has my back. What motivates me the most is seeing others at Canuck evolve and get stronger over time, especially the moms, moms-to-be and the On-Ramp graduates!

Home will always be Canuck!