The sign on the door reads “Crossfit Canuck”, but we are more than just a Crossfit gym. We are a community. A community that is built on inclusiveness, and inspiring and supporting each other in their fitness journey.

We provide a positive space for those that are looking to discover a fitness path that aligns with their goals. Is it Crossfit they choose or is it another path? Our powerlifting program has grown over the last couple of years. We love that our powerlifters, both casual and competitive, are a part of our Canuck community. Yvonne is one of these amazingly talented and strong individuals we are fortunate to have train with us.

“I can hardly believe it has been 6 months since I joined Crossfit Canuck/Eastbound Powerlifting! When I got here, I had one goal in mind: qualify for CPU Nationals. Coach Rob had 30 days to improve my form and get me the Total I had been chasing for so many months. Well, he did get me there and has helped me grow as an athlete, not just by building strength, but mental toughness too.

After Provincials, I decided I needed to get my nutrition in order, so I started working with Coach Tavia. The Eat to Perform program has seriously fueled my workouts and in just 3 months, I have dropped 14lbs and taken off 24″ (mostly off my hips and tummy) and am close to meeting my goal!

The best thing about Crossfit Canuck are the people. It doesn’t matter if you are a Crossfitter, a Powerlifter, or an Olympic Weightlifter, we are all Canucks, cheering each other on and pushing each other!”