Meet Diana. She’s the one that you will always see smiling with every workout or lift she does. Diana is another Canuck “from crossfit to powerlifting” inspiration!

“I love a challenge! Which is why Crossfit was so interesting to me when I started. I was so in love with how it would make you feel defeated, yet so motivated with the simplest of workouts. As odd as it is, I liked “failed attempts” or “almost had it’s”, because that meant that there was room to get better.

However, I started to take an increased interest in the strength portions of class because, to be real, it felt so badass to lift! I couldn’t really believe that my body could that. I’m an awful runner (I really am), so naturally all barbell movements felt so much more natural!

It wasn’t untill January 2018 when Coach Rob led a Deadlift seminar where I truly enjoyed lifting. That is where I learned how to deadlift BETTER! I also learned that it is a different kind of challenge; it is constantly changing in every aspect from your skill to the weight on the bar. I instantly loved the challenge a heavy squat brought, as you mentally and physically struggled to get out of the bottom. Or how a simple extra 2lbs can totally leave you stuck 1″ off the floor. I love that! Because that meant that if I put a little more work towards it, that squat will bounce up, or I will stand that bar all the way up. 

I loved how CrossFit sparked my interest in powerlifting, leading to my love of how powerlifting makes me feel so strong while being challenged with every lift and increase I make on that bar.” 

Diana, like all of our members, continues to inspire us as she moves and grows in her sport. We are eagerly waiting for her to hit the competition platform for the first time in July!